The Perfect Bloom ?? You Decide ❤️

The Perfect Bloom ?? You Decide ❤️

I love doing made to match Blooms.  Why?? I get to work with incredible designers and build on their already amazing designs ❤️

What do I look at first when I start to design a made to Match bloom? The colors and lace styles.  You don’t wear a fancy dress and muddy shoes, do you?? Of course not.  The little details are important.  If I can get the matching lace from the dress it’s always a win but definitely not a must. We can always make a perfect match regardless.  

Gracie Mac Made to Match Bloom for this Adorable Wild Lillies Romper 

I think it’s so important to let her true beauty shine through, the sweet little girl wearing the pieces.  When these beautiful girls wear Gracie Mac along with those beautiful Smiles,  I can’t help but feel so blessed to be part of those special events in her life. Her 1st Christmas, Her 1st Birthday, Her Kindergarten Graduation.  Or just her everyday life. These Sweet little girls are the reason I do what I do and I feel incredibly blessed to have been part of so many important events and I can’t wait to be part of many more.  God Bless  Love -Katie Jo 💛






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