Sunshine -March 2022

Sunshine -March 2022

The sun is starting to shine and the days are getting a tad warmer this week. Something about the Sun truly just brings such a promise of a beautiful day and I love feeling the warmth on my skin. I truly long for the spring flowers to rise and be seen.

This past weekend I was blessed to celebrate my Mom’s 70th Birthday with her. It was such a reminder of the gifts God gives us each Morning when the Sun rises. When we are small we don’t realize how quickly those 70 years go. But we truly need to stop and enjoy the Sunshine ☀️ Enjoy your family and the blessings around you.

Our release this week is our Sunshine Bloom and I hope it brings a little breath of spring into your soul ❤️

I will leave you with this Photo of myself as a child just relaxing on my Daddy’s old Tractor. (Take a Minute or a day this week and relax or do something for you and your family, don’t feel guilty, that’s what life is for my beautiful friends). Thank you so much for supporting Gracie Mac 💛 God Bless-Katie Jo💛



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